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Car Stereo Max Voltage


The battery is charged at higher voltage, typically 14.4v for fast charging and 13.8v for float charging. Voltage regulators on cars vary in level from a solid 13v all the way up to near 15v.

What WIRE GAUGE for amplifier install? How to calculate

But with a little substitution we can put in voltage/resistance for every value of current in the power equation (p=e*i).

Car stereo max voltage. So we know the voltage and the resistance but not the current. A zener diode with v2 = 9 v and p max = 0.27 w is to be used as the voltage regulator the load resistance is 450 2. Also lets say you left the input sensitivity set for a gain of 10 and you used 4 volt head unit at its max.

This means that head units have only 13.8 volts to apply to the speaker leads. Power = voltage x (voltage/resistance) or. If you have 15 feet of 4g power wire and your amplifier will draw 150 amps max.

It will still have 4v output. If your measurement is between two measurements, use the higher one. Most people with my car say it is good (on stock alt.) for around 2000w and can hold up well under that load.

I checked my voltage ar the amp not dropping below 13.3. By using a higher voltage head unit you can set the gain on your amp lower and thus amplify less noise. The speaker starts stuttering when the volume is up and it has to play sustained low notes, so i think the resistor isn't allowing enough amps through.

On the adapter that came. The maximum safe voltage is 15.1 volts at the ecu. If your measurement is between two measurements, use the higher one.

For example, let's say the radio can drive each of the speakers with up to 15 w of sustained power. From that and knowing the output power you can compute the voltage. But can handle short bursts of high voltage.

We still get 10 volts of output but the noise is only 0.25 volts. As rexter said, the actual battery voltage is higher than 12v. And it also loses preferences (volume, radio stations, etc) info about the connection from the car:

Suppoted protocol/standard ieee802.11b/g/n compatible wlan; The all in once solution is sold by nations electric and others. The battery's plates have a certain amount of capacitance, and can hold charge like a capacitor, thus reflecting this plate charge. there is a surprising amount of energy stored in this way.

(either rms or peak, depending on how they rated it) the position of the virtual bass knob will simply reference it either higher or lower from the main rcas. My car has a 110 amp alternator and an optima yellowtop battery. I put in a resistor between the battery positive to my amplifier power line and it reduced the voltage by 1v, so about 15v max now.

If we have only at 13.8 volts to drive into a speaker, there may not be sufficient volume output if the speaker has high impedance. When v is the emf in volts, r the resistance in ohms, then p is the power in watts. Power = (12×12)/4 = 36

(jump starts etc) its made to deal with that, but not a constant higher voltage. This noise level is 4 times lower than with head a. For those that want higher voltage on their amps, there is a safe and cheap way.

I bought the new car radio/stereo unit, installed it, but there is a problem it wont stay on when i turn of my car. Voltage drop = current flow * (length of wire in feet * resistance per foot) voltage drop = 150 * (15*.00025) voltage drop = 150 *.00375 ohms voltage drop =.563 volts at 150 amps of current calculating wire diameter and area: The amplifier stays on now but there's another problem.

It is will put out 4v, then that is the max volts it will put out. Next, find the total rms power the cable must support on the left. A 9 v stabiilsed voltage supply is required to run a car stereo system from the car's 12 v battery.

As you know, there is a limited amount of voltage available in an automobile (approximately 13.8 volts). To calculate the proper power and ground cable sizes, find the distance of the power cable along the top row. So the initial input source would be a car stereo head unit, the output voltage is very sporadic at best, ranges from 0 up to 5 volts based on where the volume knob is.

Car speakers are usually 4 ω. Power = (voltagexvoltage)/resistance, (aka, voltage squared divided by resistance) so. The load current is (a) 0.5 a (b) 0.05 a (c) 0.03 a d) 0.02 a

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