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Are Mustangs Good Cars Reddit


My first car was a 1967 mustang coupe. Early cars have less electrical things to go wrong, and may be the way to finding cheap mustangs for restoration.

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It was recalled six times because the airbags would explode sending shards of metal into the car.

Are mustangs good cars reddit. Prior to the coyote, anyone who wanted to make a mustang keep up with the competition was forced to strap a blower to it. Plymouth prowler we don’t all agree i cannot, in good faith, write that any version of the mustang ii that i’ve been a party to operating was a pleasant thing to drive. There are three things in the world that you shouldn’t talk about unless you want to start a fight:

Morgan park — a parade of more than 20 cars, decked out in orange and green streamers, took off thursday from the corner of 95th street and vincennes avenue as the morgan park mustangs celebrated their 2021 chicago public league city championship win. There are a lot of good reasons to put a used mustang at the top of your list of cars to consider purchasing. It has issues changing from 1st to second gear, it.

I have a classic mustang obsession that started even before i could drive. Instead of looking for a cheap car that runs well, you could be instead looking for a good restorable mustang. Both my son and daughter had brand new 2000 gt and 2002 gt convertible when they turned 17.

Read on for my experience getting into flipping cars. In the same interval, the mustang sports car has been built in 26,089 examples. Part of what makes a mustang a mustang is the growling, rumbling engine/exhaust note, and you just don't get that with the buzzy little v6.

Add in the $1,095 destination fee, and the total comes out to $51,640. However, those were their second cars. Ford mustangs have a a very loyal pony car following with some being quite valuable, especially special edition cars from shelby or rare boss models.

$50k for a mustang gt seems dear. Body is in good shape. Kristen bell, is the very proud owner of a 1967 lincoln continental which he has customized himself.

I bought it for $1,850 back in 1995. Grey in color, 90,000 miles. The parade’s main float — carrying morgan.

Actor dax shepard, probably best known as being mr. Other than, the only answer was to sell it and buy something with an ls engine. Read ford mustang car reviews and compare ford mustang prices and features at

Now looking slicker than ever, the mustang for sure has a lot going for itself. /r/cars is the largest automotive enthusiast community on the internet. For porsche and mini fans, the company also has watches made from the 911.

The only issue is it’s having a slight transmission issue. Here's where something like a flood car might just be the ticket. Calling yourself an automotive fan and not knowing that the new gt is equipped with a 5.0 v8 will make you look bad.

Some hollywood stars have demonstrated that they have both good taste and a love for all things automotive with their modified cars. I am new to all this and am not by any means mechanic but i can find my way around with the right youtube video. Whether you want a mustang because you’re interested in a project car to share with your family or you just want something comfortable and fun to drive, there’s a pony out there for everyone.

Recaro leather seats cost $1,595, while an exhaust system that allows the driver to control the amount of noise cost $895. When each turned 16, they were required to drive my old 1990 c1500 for a year to “get it all out of their system” an. If you love ford mustangs and just about anything related to them, you can probably.

How i got into car flipping. Ford mustangs need absolutely no introduction. There’s a “friend of a friend” of mine that is selling a 1989 mustang gt convertible.

As great as the engine turned out to be, it and other parts of these cars had some severe problems. Looking for a good upgrade. Search for new & used ford mustang cars for sale in australia.

A sub dedicated to the world's most popular pony car. Thankfully, the ‘90s produced a few good cars. They've made 12 so far, with plans for more.

Talked to dad, he said mustangs are not reliable, parts break often and are expensive to replace, it will be horrible for nj winters, better go for japanese cars like toyota, honda, subaru etc. The good news is that a little bit of practice can be enough to know a good deal when you see it. I have a 71 mustang grande 302 and my holley street avenger carburetor is damaged beyond repair.

They have been at the forefront of the muscle car scene for over fifty years. Cobra upper and lower intake, 24lb injectors, subframe connectors. Tl;dr found an automatic 03 v6 rwd mustang with 79k miles for $5k.

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