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Are Fiat 500 Good Cars


2019 fiat 500 overview is the 2019 fiat 500 a good used car? Maybe fiat should advertise that their cars are the most reliable ever and just reference a forum for the data.

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You get noticed in this car( good or bad?

Are fiat 500 good cars. Launched as the nuova 500 in july 1957, as a successor to the 500 topolino, it was an inexpensive and practical small car. A real enthusiast's car that is. Additionally, several owners say that the 500 would benefit from side moldings to prevent slight damage from parking lot mishaps.

That’s because it’ll go far enough on a charge to. Not fast, but handles great. Very economical on fuel, cheap to insure and tax.

The fiat 500 would be a great car to keep under a cheap lease, but a long term relationship (in remote west virgina, no less) is probably not a good plan. Rating breakdown (out of 5): It is overflowing with style and comfort (up front at least), but it falls short alongside other subcompact cars when it comes to safety and reliability ratings, tech features, and cargo space.

Many people prefer their gas guzzling trucks and heavier motors, for me the fiat 500 does the job just fine, i truly enjoy all of that extra money i save instead of pouring it into a bottomless gas tank. If someone is looking to do a little weekend racing with their car, the 500 should best be avoided, as there are still many capable hatchbacks out there with more than double the power of most powerful version of the 500. The fiat 500 bagged the european car of the year award when it returned from its long absence in 2008, with its retro looks making it one of the most.

Good points we love the fiat 500’s stylish retro looks, and its range of nippy and efficient engines, light steering and forgiving suspension make it an ideal city car. Overall, the fiat 500 is a great car for the small car enthusiast. Test drive fiat 500 at home from the top dealers in your area.

Despite attractive looks and a fun driving experience, various crudities limit its appeal. The 2019 fiat 500 is not a particularly good used subcompact car. A weeks shopping easily fits in the boot, the family of 4 fit comfortably inside, and it's great fun to drive.

Extensively restored fiat 500 we offer for sale this beautiful fiat 500 from 1974. A lot of things that catch your eye make for better for short term relationships vs. Measuring 2.97 metres long, and originally powered by a 479 cc.

An iconic classic that comes from a real enthusiast. Browse local 2015 fiat 500 listings ». This is the same complaint that professional reviewers had.

December 26th, 2013 at 7:54 am; Is the fiat 500 reliable? This fiat 500 has been extensively restored in the past and is both optically and technically in very good condition.

The fiat 500 is ok. Search from 854 fiat 500 cars for sale, including a certified 2016 fiat 500 abarth hatchback, a certified 2017 fiat 500 pop cabrio, and a certified 2017 fiat 500 pop hatchback. In the end, we can all pat ourselves on the back that toyotas are junk and never buy one because they always break but that seems to not be catching on with the world market.

Fiat has gently revised its popular 500 for the 2014 model year fiat 500 cult twinair 105 first drive review more potent twinair engine is both usable and entertaining, but performance and economy. The fiat brand was reintroduced in the u.s. Definitely not a boring car.

Quite reliable and good on back and wallet on long road trips.

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